About Us


The Property Street, established in the UK was developed from an idea to simplify the process of buying, selling or renting a house. Many industries have transformed to allow customers to deal directly with each other apart from the property sector. We feel that removing estate agents from the process allows you to do business directly and create more transparency.

The biggest benefit is no commission for agents and the beneficiary is you. This whole process can be managed by you using our platform which makes it much easier. You can market the property and show the features that really matter, which will be appreciated by buyers or tenants.

The Property Street has been in development since 2019 with the customer at the heart of everything we do. The technology platform at the core of the business provides the most cost-efficient and transparent way of selling, buying and letting a property. Our lean organisational structure means we charge very small fees for users to create listings.

Market research shows the challenges of property transactions are mainly solved through the actual owners becoming involved. There is also an increased advantage in managing viewings and conversations around your own time when you can define the rules of engagement.


Together, we will revolutionise the property market making this concept available to every transaction ensuring it’s a fair, transparent and cost-efficient process with the actual owner having control.

Find your next property with The Property Street, your platform to buy, sell or rent. In just 3 steps, it’s simple and saves you from paying huge commissions.